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Cognitive Force

Problem Solving Partner

CognitiveForce provides Enterprise Resource Planning solutions with Odoo, Odoo ERP Implementation, Odoo Support, Odoo Customizations, Odoo Trainings, Odoo Migration, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) UiPath, Virtual Agents & Chatbots Integrations, API Management, Rapid development solutions Power Apps & Google Appsheet, Azure cyber security & Microsoft Identity Access Management, Organization IT & Process health-scan, code tracking for software projects, industry specific solutions, Connected workers IoT, timesheet & activity App, Project Budgeting, ISO certifications, application penetration testing.

We are offering services in MENA region. We’re run by consultants not by marketing people or investors. We’re agile, committed and capable as we’ve proven over and over again for our customers. Get to know CognitiveForce and you’ll quickly understand how our commitment to customer success can work for you.

Our Awesome Team

Saleem Ullah Khan Tareen

Director Technology / Innovation Projects

More than a 2 decade Mr. Saleem Ullah Khan Tareen working for IT Consultancy and Innovation development projects experience in Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Python, Azure & AWS Cloud, AI & Machine Learning technologies. Previously worked for leading company Big Four (Sidat Hyder) representative for Ernst & Young.
Projects delivered in different industries contracting, engineering, construction, manufacturing, service and distribution.

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