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MENA Region most trusted Construction Solution

MENA region most trusted construction solution.Effective Project Management,Material & Inventory,Subcontractor,Purchase & Accounting

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Solution for Construction Management

  • Material & Inventory

  • Subcontractor

  • Purchase & Accounting


Followings are the features of Cognitive Force Odoo based Construction Management Software. 

Construction Management Odoo apps enable construction companies to manage the entire construction process from the beginning. Odoo construction system can be used by any construction agency contractor or company and they can manage their costs, project budgets and other related expenses at the one place. To put it another way, easily manage material cost, labour work cost, subcontract cost, etc. Use BOQ(Bill Of Quantity) feature of this app to manage your costing very efficiently. To elaborate, construction apps help in material planning and management of consumed materials of each task or job order for construction projects.
Project planning is the foremost step of any project and it includes strategic planning, operational planning, and scheduling. Also, a detailed plan for all the operational activities and tasks is crucial for effective scheduling. Odoo apps for construction management enables businesses to reduce costs and enhance profitability. Another key point for improved project management is effective communication that truly maximizes operational efficiency. It makes the construction process fast and reduces risks and errors from the process.
Managing material and inventory manually for the construction industry is really a time taking and complex process. It reduces the efficiency of the business as well. To put it differently, manual handling of materials and inventories maximizes the possibilities of errors and increases risks. Odoo ERP for construction companies allows you to track and monitor material from the procurement to purchasing. As a result, it makes the inventory and material management very efficient and saves costs.
Effectively manage all the data of work orders and subcontractors. From the hiring subcontractor with proper analysis of their work history and all the important data is so crucial for the company. Odoo subcontractor management app helps in the selection of the best subcontractor for your project. This selection is based on price comparison and detailed information about subcontractors.
Businesses dealing in the construction industry need a huge amount of materials and types of equipment. This is why the purchase management module is so important, it handles all the purchasing process of materials and equipment from the sending quotations to purchase orders. On the other hand, the accounting module keeps a tab on all the expenses and cost of the materials, equipment, travel expenses. Also, the financial reporting tool gives accurate and precise reports of all the expenses and other financial data.

Odoo Construction Management

Odoo Construction Management module is a very strong software solution for construction companies, it understands all your industrial needs. Important to realize, seamless integration enables you to handle all the process from the beginning to the end. In other words, manage end-to-end processes with Odoo construction management system. It enables your business to streamline and coordinate all the core processes involved in building and construction management. Build Roads, Dams, Houses and Apartments with ease and run operations of different sites or locations from one place.

The design that goes into the construction process of any beautiful structure around our surroundings is the testimony of proper planning. Being an architect gives enormous freedom to the person to redefine the design concepts, make it more appealing for his clients, and expand his own world to a bigger horizon. Odoo ERP for a construction company is one’s stepping stone to building such a well-planned career which can perform beyond the expectation of any client in the modern world.

Odoo is a very efficient and cost-effective software solution for construction companies. As we know, Odoo is a customizable solution and with custom configuration features, configure builders, contractors, subcontractors as per the company requirement. Odoo helps in setting schedules, rescheduling as well as tracking and controlling of projects.

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