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What is Odoo EPR?

Odoo is a complete business management Enterprise and resource planning software that was developed in the first decade of the century. Odoo is an open-source business management software that can be customized and configured to be flexible in your business operations. Today the platform has over 12 million users all across the world and it’s still counting ahead, all thanks to its efficiency as well as effectiveness in operation which has resulted for it.

Odoo is available in two editions, one being the community edition which is free of charge, equipped with limited features. The second one being the enterprise edition which has the same platform as that of the community edition but with additional features.

Odoo Demo

Demo of software can provide you with further insight into the operational capabilities of it and you can further understand how it will be beneficial for you. Cognitive Force offers you with one on one demo with our consultant to describe to you the various features and capabilities of the platform. Moreover, the demo can be pre-scheduled by contacting us.

In addition, we have created a collective playlist down below on the functional aspects of the Odoo platform in which will explain to you the various aspects of the operation of the platform.

Why Odoo?

Today Odoo has become one of the prominent business management ERP solutions available in the market, with functional capabilities of entire business management. Here are certain aspects which describe to you why you should choose Odoo?:

Odoo Modules

Each module performs certain functions which are interlinked with each other.


Our Odoo demo will ensure that you understand the various functional features of the accounting module along with the other supporting modules for knowing the financial management capabilities of the platform. In addition, the Odoo demo will describe the tax configuration, fiscal possession, chart of accounts, and all other accounting aspects for the localization of the Odoo ERP.


Generating customer invoices in the Odoo platform can be directly down from the sales order of the platform. Moreover, management of these invoices based on the various payment options, payment acquirers, and all other concerning aspects in Odoo will require certain expertise in operations of the platform which will be described in the Odoo demo.


Customer relationship management will be the tool in the operations of a company that helps you to create and generate business opportunities and further manage them. The Odoo CRM will be the apt tool for it with features such as lead generation, lead scoring, lead management, conducting activities with customers to pursue a lead, and many more which will be well described in the Odoo demo.


The sales module is an intrusive application in Odoo which will be well described on both features as well as capabilities to be operational in a live environment in our Odoo demo. The creation of sales orders, sending of invoices, downpayment and all other sales-related operations and capability in Odoo will be well described.


The Odoo website module is an excellent application consisting of aspects such as Odoo website builder, e-commerce management, and integration with the sales, inventory, purchase, and all other supporting modules of the platform. All these features will be described to you from the operational side of the view in our scheduled Odoo demo by our consultant.


E-commerce platforms have become one of the vital modes of business operations in this digitalized world. With the Odoo website builder, you can create an e-commerce platform for your company and the management of its functioning can be done with advanced tools of operations which will be described in the Odoo demo.


The Point Of Sales module in Odoo will be an excellent retail store sales application integrated directly with the sales and the inventory modules of Odoo. Our Odoo demo will describe to you the various features of the POS module and how you can configure it to run a store, restaurants or bar, and any other retail establishment with Odoo POS.


The project modules of the Odoo platform will help you to describe new projects in the company operations. Moreover, our Odoo demo will describe to you how to create new projects to be operational in the company and how to manage them efficiently. Furthermore, the employees associated with each project in operations can also be done with Odoo.


Our Odoo demo will focus on delivering all the information regarding the inventory module of the platform such as putaway rules, product delivery methodologies, product movement operations, advanced inventory operations such as drop shipping and cross-docking, and many more aspects of the inventory management operations of Odoo.


The manufacturing operations of your company can be efficiently managed by the Odoo manufacturing module which will provide you with complete control over the manufacturing process. Moreover, you can define the manufacturing order, work centers, generate manufacturing orders automatically based on inventory stock, and many more operations can be performed which will be well described in our Odoo demo.

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